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CadillacTech Services was formed in 2018 and is actively working to serve the cybersecurity and technology management needs in the government and private sectors. Utilizing over 100 years of experience working with emerging technology, CTS delivers the rigorous process adherence needs of our federal departments to the private enterprise. Everyone deserves an opportunity to succeed.

Our service engagements include a comprehensive consultation to help identify gaps and opportunities, a complete report that includes a roadmap with timelines and milestones, a cost analysis, and a proposed schedule.

Leadership Team

Todd Foster

Todd is the Owner and Principal Engineer for CadillacTech Services and has worked in the managed services industry for the past 27 years and founded CadillacTech Services for 2018. Todd has been responsible for architecting, deploying, and supporting data center infrastructure for CadillacTech as well as hundreds of customer environments. These activities included all aspects of local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), circuits, wireless, routing, switching, and physical data center wiring and installation. While Todd has experience with a variety of communications equipment manufacturers, most of his experience is with Harris, Raytheon, Cisco Systems, Aruba, Dell, HP, Fortinet, and WAP Technologies.

Tom Van Heule

Tom is a solution driven technology executive with a track record of knowledge and results. He can capitalize on Managed IT Services and Team Leadership backgrounds, strategically navigating all aspects of complex engagements. From design, to delivery, and relationship maturation; offering outstanding talents in modern technology solutions, improving and maintaining client satisfaction, communications, business growth, managing/designing programs/products, roadmap timelines and execution. All while building positive reports with clients, employees, and peer stakeholders.

John Dougherty

John is a Senior Systems Engineer who has been in the Information Technology industry for 25 years and has been in a mix of full-time and consulting roles within large enterprises. His experience and skillset are extremely diverse and covers providers such as Microsoft, VMware, Cisco, Juniper, Dell, and other technology partners as well as the technology stacks of virtualization, unified messaging, WAF, cloud, infrastructure systems, databases and more. John has been an architect and implementer of many large service transformation and migration projects as well as consolidation efforts to move to cloud technologies.

Jordan Foster

Jordan is a Support Technician/Endpoint Security Manager who has worked in the Information Technology industry for years and has been at CadillacTech Services in this position for 2 years. He has spearheaded numerous onboarding projects for a variety of customers. His experience and expertise involve Microsoft products, Monitoring and Management software and the wide array of other tools we use to secure your systems.

Andreas Jaeger

Andreas started his career in academia sciences, but 15 years ago transitioned into SaaS/IT Operations and Customer Support/Success.  Having worked for large companies as well as building several startups, he has a unique way of understanding customer needs, and approaches each situation with a high level of focused professionalism. He excels in process optimization and creation, including writing SOP documentation, internal and customer facing product how-to manuals, internal and external training documentation, onboarding plans and processes, just to name a few. He is also well versed in setting up and administering CRMs and other internal systems and productivity tools, and demonstrates his passion for his customer’s success on a daily basis.

Benjamin Luthy

Ben has worked in Information Technology and Cybersecurity for 20 professional years within private, public, and government industries.  He has deep experience with information assurance and specializes in automation, process improvement, and building security programs from the ground up. Ben holds more than 18 professional certifications in multiple disciplines of Information Technology and Information Assurance.  Ben has deep understanding of governance risk and compliance (GRC) as well as the architecture background to build out secure solutions utilizing NIST frameworks and/or utilization of ISO standards.  He is an expert in vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, and training capabilities that utilize compliance standards as well as industry best practices to detect internal process and/or hygiene workflow problems.  Ben has a proven ability to provide a ‘metrics for all’ approach to very technical staff and the C-Suite and straight to the point information delivery.

Lance Cantrell

For the past decade, Lance has worked on every networking technology from routers and switches to firewalls, VPNs, wireless, VoIP, Data Centers, Cloud, and security solutions. 

Lance has a background in helping companies both small and large, verticals ranging from financial companies to health facilities to manufacturing. Lance also holds the following certifications: CCNP Enterprise, CCNP Security Core, and JNCIA-JUNOS.

With a passion for learning, Lance spends his spare time digging into how technology works instead of just how to configure it. Because of this passion, Lance can easily work on equipment from multiple vendors, including Cisco, Juniper, Palo Alto, Fortinet, and HPE/Aruba devices.

Chayse Foster

Chayse is a Security engineer who has been working in the IT industry for years, he has been working for Cadillac Tech for over 2 years, he keeps an eagle eye on all of CTS’ security tools to help make sure that nothing happens on customer networks. He has experience with both servers as well as working with security tools.

Cameron Iftner

Cameron is an Enterprise Systems Engineer and has worked in the IT industry for years, with additional years being in a consultative role. He has been with CadillacTech Services for over 2 years in various roles including team lead, professional services engineer, and enterprise architect helping design, build, and deploy solutions for clients. Cameron has been the engineer on several datacenter/client migration projects. His experience covers a wide range of technologies providers including Microsoft, VMware, Web3.0 and numerous other vendors covering the gamut of technology layers such as infrastructure, storage, security, and virtualization for both cloud and on premise virtual.

Rob Metcalf

Rob is a project manager with our Project Management Office and has management responsibility for our Plan team engineers within the CadillacTech Services Professional Services department. During his career within the Information Technology industry, he has managed the successful delivery of projects in numerous sizes and varying complexity.